New Cinema-Trailer for Lech Zuers am Arlberg


Lech-Zuers Tourism has created a new image film presenting the beauty of Lech am Arlberg in Vorarlberg, Austria during the winter season. The trailer will be screened in cinemas around Europe. Freeriding, snowshoeing, snow covered slopes and Lech at night increase the anticipation on vacation in Lech.

Horizon Field installation Arlberg / Austria by Antony Gormley only till end of July 2012



Since August 2010 Antony Gormley’s landscape installation „Horizon Field“ with his 100 Iron Mountan Man was present in the alps of the Arlberg region around Lech am Arlberg in the western provinces of Austria Tirol and Vorarlberg. They were very much liked by hikers and art-lovers. Unfortunately the presence of the Mountan Man in The Horizon Field is limited and they will be removed from their current location and positioned somewhere else in the world later on.

So if you want to grasp a last look on to the Horizon Field by the artist Antony Gormley, make sure to come before the end of July 2012, because afterwards they are gone. But nevertheless – the beautiful landscabe of the Arlberg Region, the idyllic hiking trails and the great hostility will stay!