Philosophicum Lech am Arlberg 2012: Animals: Humans and their Nature

philosophicum lech saal
Philosophicum Lech (Photo: Verein Philosophicum Lech)

From 16th to 19th September 2012 the annual Philusophicum Lech will take place in Lech am Arlberg in Austria. The motto of this 16th Philosophicum Lech symposium is

„Animals. Humans and their Nature.“

An international mix of philosophers, biologists, behavioral scientists, cultural scholars and students is meeting in the alpine village of Lech to talk about philosophical questions and discuss them with their audience.

The language spoken at the Philosophicum Lech is – unfortunately – German. So some knowledge of the language would be beneficial.

Program Philosophicum Lech 2012

On Wednesday the 16th September the program will start with with a philosophical-literary evening.

On the 17th, 18th and 19th September the actual symposium in Lech will take place

Here you can download the program from Wednesday to Saturday & print as PDF:

Programm Philosophicum Lech 2012

Speakers at the Lech Symposium 2012

2012 sthe following speakers have been announced for the Philosophicum Lech

Martin Balluch, Dieter Birnbacher, Reinhard Brandt, Eugen Drewermann, Karen Duve, Michael Fleischhacker, Herwig Grimm, Andrea Grill, Alexandra Jahr, Michael Köhlmeier, Kurt Kotrschal, Konrad Paul Liessmann, Thomas Macho, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Daniela Strigl, Clemens Tönnies, Uwe Justus Wenzel, Markus Wild, Jean-Claude Wolf.

Prices for the 2012 Philosophicum Lech

  • A 4-day pass costs 275,– € (70,– € for students)
  • A day pass costs 70,– € (20,– € for students)
  • Admission to the philosophical literary evening is 20,– € (10,– € for students)

Registration for the 16th Philosophicum Lech & Accomodation

Click here to register for the Symposium Lech 2012.

Searching for an accomodation nearby?

We recommend the  ****s BURG Hotel Oberlech – The sun terrace on the Arlberg.